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Columbia Accident Investigation Board
Minutes of Open Meeting

Date of Meeting: Thursday, June 12, 2003
Time of Meeting: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Location of Meeting:
National Transportation Safety Board Conference Center
429 L’Enfant Plaza, SW
Washington, D.C.

Board Members Present:
Admiral Hal Gehman
Major General John Barry
Dr. Douglas Osheroff
Mr. Steven B. Wallace
Rear Admiral Stephen Turcotte
Dr. Sally Ride
Dr. John Logsdon

Board Staff Present:
Lt. Col. Tyrone Woodyard
Laura J. Brown
Patricia Brach

Other Government Employees Present in Their Official Capacity:
Mr. Terry Williams
National Transportation Safety Board

Members of the Public who Presented Oral or Written Statements:
Mr. Allen Li
Director of Sourcing Management, General Accounting Office

Ms. Marcia Smith
Senior Level Specialist in Aerospace and Telecommunications Policy
Resources, Science and Industry Division
Congressional Research Service
Library of Congress

Mr. Russell D. Turner
President, Honeywell Engines, Systems and Services

Mr. Tom Young
Retired Aerospace Executive

Matters Discussed:
Historical trends in the annual budgets of the Shuttle Program.

Puts and takes in the budget process over the past ten years between the
President's budget request and the amounts ultimately made available to the
Shuttle Program.

The relationship between the Shuttle budgets and the Space Station budgets.

The relationship between NASA's financial management processes and NASA's
ability to effectively manage the Shuttle Program.

Budget difficulties caused by changing projections over the years concerning the
life of the Shuttle Program.

The history of the Space Flight Operations Contract (SFOC) in terms of the
relative numbers of contractor and NASA employees and in terms of shifts of

The effect of SFOC award fee incentives on the safe operation and processing of
the Space Shuttle.

Characteristics of SFOC that should be changed or retained (e.g., eliminate
competing goals and priorities, align processes across the Shuttle

The need for independent verification (i.e., test as you fly - fly as you test,
IV&V, component qualification testing) to mitigate the unique risks of space

Matters Resolved at the Meeting:

Documents Received, Issued or Approved at the Meeting:

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