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Columbia Accident Investigation Board Minutes of Open Meeting

Date of Meeting: Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Time of Meeting: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Location of Meeting:
Hilton Houston Clear Lake
3000 NASA Road One
Houston, Texas

Board Members Present:
Admiral Hal Gehman
Major General John Barry
Dr. Sheila Widnall
Mr. Steven B. Wallace
Dr. John Logsdon
Dr. James Hallock
Rear Admiral Stephen Turcotte
Major General Kenneth Hess

Board Staff Present:
Lt. Col. Tyrone Woodyard
Laura Brown
Terry Williams
Patricia Brach
J. William Sikora

Other Government Employees Present in Their Official Capacity:

Members of the Public who Presented Oral or Written Statements:
Dr. Milton A. Silveira
Robert F. Thompson
George W. Jeffs
Owen G. Morris
Prof. Aaron Cohen
Dr. Jean Gebman
Mr. Robert P. Ernst
Dr. Diane Vaughan

Matters Discussed:

The organization and lines of authority in the Shuttle Program during its development, and the relationships between engineering, mission operations, safety reliability and mission assurance (SR&QA), and contractors.

The considerations that drove the evolution of the Shuttle design including, trade-offs involving budget, schedule, re-usability and weight; margins of safety and redundancy; and management of risk in a “system of systems.”

Shuttle design specifications relative to debris hits on the orbiter, and the disposition of in-flight anomalies through the problem reporting and corrective action (PRACA) system.

The challenges related to safely sustaining an aging aircraft fleet.

How the sociology of NASA as an organization and the normalization of deviance contributed to the Challenger launch decision and may have contributed to the Columbia accident.

Matters Resolved at the Meeting:


Documents Received, Issued or Approved at the Meeting:


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