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Columbia Accident Investigation Board Minutes of Open Meeting

Date of Meeting: MONDAY, April 7, 2003
Time of Meeting: 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Location of Meeting:
Hilton Houston Clear Lake
3000 NASA Road One
Houston, Texas

Board Members Present:
Admiral Hal Gehman
Dr. John Logsdon
Major General Kenneth Hess
Mr. G. Scott Hubbard
Dr. Sally Ride
Mr. Steven B. Wallace
Brigadier General Duane Deal

Board Staff Present:
Lt. Col. Tyrone Woodyard
Terry Williams
Patricia Brach
J. William Sikora

Other Government Employees Present in Their Official Capacity:
Col. James Halsell, Jr., USAF, NASA Astronaut
NASA Johnson Space Center

Robert Castle, Jr., Chief Engineer, Mission Operations Directorate
NASA Johnson Space Center

J. Scott Sparks, Department Lead, External Tank Issues
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Lee Foster, Technical Staff, Vehicle and Systems Development Department
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Members of the Public who Presented Oral or Written Statements:

Matters Discussed:

Space Shuttle flight preparation and launch decision processes, including:
the process for approving and reviewing waivers of requirements, formal
flight readiness reviews and certifications, and the disposition of in-flight

The process used by the Mission Management Team to resolve issues that
arise while the Shuttle is in flight.

The purpose and characteristics of cryoinsulation on the Shuttle external tank.

The material development and qualification of polyurethane foam insulation.

The history of instances of the shedding of foam insulation, and efforts to
reduce debris impacts from foam on the Space Shuttle vehicle system.

Matters Resolved at the Meeting:


Documents Received, Issued or Approved at the Meeting:


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