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Scott Hubbard, Director, NASA Ames Research Center, is responsible for the organization and oversight of Ames' research efforts.

Prior to his appointment, Hubbard was deputy director for research. In March 2000, Hubbard was called to NASA Headquarters where he served as the first Mars program director. Hubbard had responsibility for successfully redefining all robotic Mars missions in response to the Mars failures in 1999. The Mars Odyssey mission launched during Hubbard’s tenure is now successfully collecting data at the Red Planet. In previous roles at Ames, Hubbard was associate director for astrobiology and space programs. Hubbard was one of the founders of astrobiology and helped establish NASA’s new Astrobiology Institute, serving as the initial director.

Previously, Hubbard served as staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; was a founder, vice president and general manager for Canberra Semiconductor (a high-tech San Francisco Bay Area start-up company), and held the position of senior research physicist at SRI International.
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