iPool Corporation
2285 Walnut Street Suite 201
Roseville, Minnesota 55113

January 5, 2000

Secretary, Federal Trade Commission
Room H-159
600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 50580

Dear Mr. Secretary,

iPool Corporation respectively submits Mr. Arthur Weisberg as a nominee for a position on the Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security as outlined on page 71457 in the Federal Register dated December 21, 1999. Mr. Weisberg is currently a member of the Board of Directors for iPool Corporation, an e-commerce company whose website is located at . He is also retired senior partner of the law firm of Dorsey & Whitney, LLP in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

iPool Corporation is an infomediary which collects, stores, and manages personal information for the benefit of the consumer. By leveraging consumer information in pools or groups, iPool enables these pools to purchase services at a discount while protecting their personally identifiable information. Mr. Weisberg has been instrumental in the formation of the company, becoming an advisor of iPool Corporation in 1993, and being elected to the Board of Directors last year.

He provides background knowledge and information gained as a successful business law attorney and general counsel of several large corporations, including Jostens and National Computer Systems (NCS.) He also shares his insights and wisdom in a logical, straightforward manner.

He is keenly aware of the need for law enforcement and other branches of the legal system to gather, collect and process information about companies and their officers and employees. However the need for access, use, and restriction of access to consumers’ information must be carefully considered by people like Mr. Weisberg so as to properly safeguard and represent the views of experts and of the general public.

Although Mr. Weisberg worked for many years with large corporations, he has never lost touch with how most people perceive sensitive issues. The collection, storage, dissemination and restricted access to personally identifiable information are some of the most sensitive issues facing the Internet today. Not only would he represent the business interests of iPool and other infomediaries, (commercial websites which collect and store personal data) but his years as an attorney have made him an advocate of individual privacy concerns as well.

It is for these reasons that we at iPool Corporation respectively submit Mr. Arthur Weisberg for a position on this Advisory Committee. If you would like to discuss Mr. Weisberg’s background, I can be reached at 651.286.6817 or via email at .

Thank you for considering this nominee for a position on the Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security.

Respectively yours,

Jay Tetzloff
iPool Corporation COO

Arthur Weisberg
Dorsey & Whitney LLP
Pillsbury Center South
220 South Sixth Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402


iPool Corporation

Roseville, MN
Board of Director 1999-Current
Board of Advisors 1993-1999

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Minneapolis, MN
Senior Counsel
Generalist/Corporate Law

National Computer Systems

Eden Prairie, MN
General Counsel 1970-1989
Senior Staff Officer 1989-1994
Board of Directors 1973-1993

Jostens Corporation

Bloomington, MN
General Counsel 1958-1970
Secretary 1965-1970


St. Louis Park, MN
Chairman St. Louis Park Charter Commission


Minneapolis-Minnesota College of Law (now William Mitchell College of Law) 1947-1951