From: "Bell, Rodney"
To: "'mazzarella laura'"
Date: Wed, Jan 5, 2000 3:53 PM
Subject: Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security-Nomination

Federal Trade Commission
Room H-159
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580

"Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security-Nomination, POO4807"

I wish to submit Mr. John Shirey for consideration as a member of the advisory committee. Mr. Shirey is Senior Director of Electronic Commerce for Paymentech. As a prospective member, Mr. Shirey can address issues related to the transmission, storage and potential business use of credit card information and online purchasing data. He realizes all to clearly that almost all consumer information is linked to some type of financial activity data, such as spending and credit.

Founded in 1985, Paymentech is the second largest acquirer of bankcard transactions and the largest processor of electronic commerce credit card transactions. Mr. Shirey oversees all electronic commerce and international product management initiatives and directs the development of global electronic commerce payment strategy. Personal credit card identification is some of the more sensitive and most frequently transmitted information on the Internet. As consumers embrace on-line shopping, they entrust data to the retailer and chain of financial service providers that process that point-of-sale transaction.

Specifically, Mr. Shirey would bring the following expertise and qualifications to this body:

  • In depth knowledge of current and developing Internet applications

  • International implications regarding online shopping and the related data privacy

  • Knowledge and understanding of credit card rules and regulations

  • Representation of the online merchant community

  • Access and contacts with numerous related companies providing security, data warehousing and other financial services related to e-commerce

  • Technical expertise related to on-line processing

Prior to Paymentech, Mr. Shirey was employed as CFO of Litle & Company. He significantly contributed to Litle's growth into the leading payment processing provider for the direct marketing industry. His background in that arena acquaints him with privacy and access issues as it relates to consumers and direct marketers. In 1995, Litle & Company was acquired by Paymentech and incorporated into Paymentech's direct response unit dedicated to non-face-to-face credit card processing.

Mr. Shirey is a twenty-five year veteran of both the direct marketing and payment processing industries. He has held marketing, operations and financial positions in both consumer and business to business catalog companies. Mr. Shirey is a graduate of Boston University and holds an MBA from Babson College in Wellesley, Maine

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