From: Jason Catlett
Date: Tue, Jan 4, 2000 4:54 PM
Subject: nominations

Federal Trade Commission
Room H-159
Sixth Street & Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington D.C. 20580
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Re: Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security Nomination, P004807

January 4, 1999

Dear Sir

Junkbusters Corp. is pleased to respond again to the FTC's call for nominations to its Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security. In addition to my previous nominations of myself and Mr Rob Goldman of, I wish to nominate Mr Andrew Shen of the Electronic Privacy Information Center and Mr Richard M. Smith.

As the leading policy NGO in DC, EPIC is clearly a very desirable organization to have participating. Mr Smith is a very experienced entrepreneur and has an extensive computer science background which he has used to investigate privacy issues. He has rendered great service to the public. I believe both Mr Shen and Mr Smith would be valuable members of the committee.

Respectfully submitted

Jason Catlett
President and CEO
Junkbusters Corp.

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