Date: Fri, Jan 7, 2000 2:31 PM
Subject: Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security -- amended 

January 7, 2000

Federal Trade Commission
Room H-159
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580

Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security -- Nomination, P004807

Dear Secretary;

This adds information to the earlier nomination submitted by Citigroup for the Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security.

Our nominee is Daniel Schutzer, Citigroup's senior representation at external organizations and standards bodies.

Dan has been instrumental in the development of e-world solutions to privacy and is well known, as an important player, to those in the field.

Dan's biography is provided at the end of this letter, as well as in the Word attachment.

Thank you for your consideration. Feel free to follow up either with me or directly with Dr. Schutzer.


Stephen Durkee
One Court Sq. - 19th floor
Long Island City, NY 11120

718-248-2644 phone
718-248-7771 fax



Daniel Schutzer
Vice President & Director of External Standards and Advanced
Technology, e-Citi, Citigroup
Financial Services Technology Consortium, Board Chairman
Chairman ISO Subcommittee 2
Fellow and Advisory Board National Academy of Sciences

Address: Citibank, 909 Third Avenue, 32ndfloor, New York, N.Y. 10022,
(212) 559 1876,
fax (212) 832 7497, ,,

Currently responsible for directing and coordinating Citigroup's   advanced technology efforts and Citigroup's senior representation at external organizations and standards bodies. This includes ensuring research and standards activities are properly focused and aligned with business goals and priorities; formulating and executing business-driven technology directions and strategies; providing overall management, assessment, and prioritization of research and standards activities; and keeping the Citibank highly innovative. Areas of focus include electronic banking, payments and electronic commerce, bill presentment and payment, portfolio and risk management, financial engineering and new product design, customer behavioral modeling, mathematical marketing analyses and simulations, fraud detection and control, security over computer networks. Advanced technologies under investigation include agent technology, XML, machine learning, multimedia, biometrics, image and voice processing, smart cards and secure tokens.

Previous positions include Technical Director Naval Intelligence, Technical Director Navy Command, Control and Communications, and Program Manager Sperry Rand. Also worked for Bell Labs, Syracuse University and IBM.

Currently serving as Research Professor of Information Technology at Rutgers Center of Management, Integration and Connectivity (CIMIC), and teaching part time at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York, and George Washington University in Washington D.C.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: BSEE, College of City of New York, MSEE and Ph.D. Syracuse University

PUBLICATIONS: Authored over 65 publications and 7 books: Parallel and Distributed Processing, Application of Emerging Technologies in Business, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Military Communications, Command and Control, a chapter on Financial Risk Management in a Financial Management Handbook, and a Chapter in a Book on Electronic Commerce.