Curriculum Vitae
Michael J. Rozen, MD. 

Participation 1:
Vice President, Consumer Affairs
Director, Health Record Security

WellMed, Inc.
520 NW Davis
Suite 300
Portland, Oregon 97209

Phone (503) 279-9010
Direct Line (561) 758-5526
Fax (503) 279-1632

Participation 2:

The National Emergency Health Data Center
Suite 104
7800 Cooper Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
Phone (513) 891-6433
Fax (513) 791-1771

Participation 3:

Medical Technology Policy Committee, IEEE-USA

Michael J. Rozen, MD., Orthopaedic Surgeon, graduated from The Ohio State University College of Medicine, took his surgical training at The Strong Memorial Hospital at The University of Rochester, and completed his orthopaedic residency at The University of Cincinnati. Board certified and a fellow in The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, he was president of Reconstructive Orthopaedics and engaged in private practice from 1974 through 1996. During this period he started the Spine Center at The Children’s Hospital, was instrumental in implementing the statewide school screening program for spinal deformity, was Director of Orthopaedics at a major metropolitan hospital and was a member of various quality assurance committees including The Quality Assurance Committee of the State of Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. For five years, he was chair of Tri-State Health Decision Resources, a community based healthcare reform initiative and a founding board member of The Center For Health Ethics. He has been a member of the community workgroup for healthcare connectivity and a member of the Tri-State Community Health Status Project and the Outcomes Management Taskforce. He is a board member of the Ohio Corporation for Health Information, a statewide effort to electronically link the public and private healthcare sector together and is Vice-chair of the IEEE Medical Technology Policy Committee. His past business experience also includes participation in the boards of many companies including Jacor Communications. Dr. Rozen is Director of Health Record Security for WellMed, Inc. He is also President of the National Emergency Health Data Center and a member of Leadership Cincinnati. During 1998, he presented to the National Library of Medicine HII 1998 on Privacy Security and Confidentiality and is co-author of a paper published in the March/April 1999 issue of JAMIA on the same topic. He was co-chairman of the 1998 TPC Washington Symposium on The Use of Space Technologies for Disaster Mitigation and Global Health. His current work includes presentations on Health Information Privacy, Consumer Health Infomatics and Urban Telehealth. More recently, he has spoken extensively on privacy, security and confidentiality of health information. He currently is a member of the Advisory Board of the Medical Records Institute, the Advisory Board of MurrayHill, a member of the Hi-Ethics Online Workgroup, and participating in the formation of the proposed new ASTM standards development activity on consumer health records.


Place of Birth: Akron, Ohio
Date of Birth: November 6, 1942
Citizenship: USA
Family: Married: Five sons

Employment History:

Vice President Consumer Affairs April 1999-Present

Director, Health Record Security
WellMed, Inc.
1220 SW Morrison
Suite 900
Portland, Oregon 97205
President and CEO 1997-1999

The National Emergency Health Data Center
Suite 150
1055 St. Paul Place
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

President & Orthopaedic Surgeon 1974-1997
Reconstructive Orthopaedics, Inc
10475 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Education and Military:

Bachelor of Science 1963
University of Akron

Doctor of Medicine 1967
Ohio State University
College of Medicine

Surgical Internship and Residency 1967-1969

The Strong Memorial Hospital
University of Rochester
Rochester, New York

United States Air Force 1969-1971

Orthopaedic Residency 1971-1974
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio

Medical Management Training Program 1991-1992
ChoiceCare Sponsored
Xavier University
Cincinnati, Ohio

Leadership Cincinnati 1995-1996
Sponsored by Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

Medical Career:

Medical Practice:

Private Practice Orthopaedic Surgery 1974-1996
President, Reconstructive Orthopaedics 1976-1996

Hospital Healthcare System:

Board Member, Bethesda Healthcare, Inc. 1990-1997
Director, Department of Orthopaedics 1993-1996

Bethesda Hospital

Committee Membership Bethesda Hospital
Executive, Patient Care, and Ethics Committees
Medical Director, Integrated Comp 1991-1996
A managed care program for Workers
Compensation injured workers.

Medical Advisor, Bethesda Work Capacity Centers 1989-1996
Member, CMIC Orthopaedic Quality Committee 1994-1996
Director, Orthopaedics, Bethesda Hospital 1992-1996


President, Tri-State Health Decision Resources 1993-1997
A broadbased coalition of all community stakeholders in healthcare reform working together on common projects.

Board Member, The Center For Health Ethics 1994-1997
A community based center for dealing with ethical issues in healthcare.

Member, Outcomes Management Taskforce 1994-1997

Member, Community Healthcare Values Project 1994-1997

Member, Community Health Status Project 1995-1997

President, Ambulatory Outcome Studies, Inc. 1993-1996

Member, Community Health Information Project 1994-1996

Founder, CROSMA-Orthopaedic IPA 1995-1996

Founder, CROSMA MCO-Workers Comp Managed Care 1996


Board Member, Ohio Corporation for Health Information 1994-1999
A statewide collaboration involving public and private sector to create a single health information highway for the State of Ohio.

Member, Quality Assurance Advisory Committee 1994-1999

State of Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation

Member, Aetna Insurance Quality Committee 1994-1996

Member, Judicial Committee, Ohio State Medical Society 1994-1996


Medical Technology Policy Committee, IEEE 1994-1999

Board Member and Treasurer, Comnet Society 1994-1996

Member, PLLD outcome study group 1993-1995

Significant Other Responsibilities:

Founder, Spine Deformity Center, Children’s Hospital 1975

Founder, State of Ohio School Screening Program for Spinal Deformity 1976-1985

Spinal Consultant to the Myelomeningocele Clinic 1975-1985

President, Montgomery Sports Medicine and Rehab 1977-1992

President, Workcor 1983-1986

Board Member, MediCenter Diagnostic Center 1986-1994

Member, Physicians for Proactive Change 1991-1995

Member, Ohio Health Board Patient Outcomes Committee 1994-1995

Board of Directors, Jacor Communications 1980-1994
A public radio and cable communications company.
Executive, Audit, Compensation Committees

Board, Rockdale Temple and Treasurer 1980’s

Board, Jewish Federation of Cincinnati 1980’s

Board, Jewish Center of Cincinnati 1980’s

Board of Directors, P.K.G.’s 1989-1993

President, Woodrun Five Homeowners Association 1986-1999

Member Advisory Board MurrayHill 1999-Present

Member Advisory Board Medical Records Institute 1999-Present

Member Hi-Ethics Online Workgroup 1999-Present

Member ASTM Consumer Health Record Workgroup 2000

Orthopaedic Private Practice:

Practice History:

Self-employed 1974
Michael J. Rozen, MD. Inc. 1974-1975
Recontructive Orthopaedics, Inc. 1976-1996
Medical Retirement, Graves Orbitopathy Feb. 1996

Medical Licenses:
Ohio 1967-1997
New York 1967-1997
California 1980-1997
Minnesota 1982-1997
Colorado 1982-1997

Board Certification:

American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery 1975
Hospital Appointments while in Active Medical Practice

Bethesda Hospital A & T
Cincinnati, Ohio

Children’s Hospital Medical Center Attending
Cincinnati, Ohio

Deaconess Hospital Courtesy
Cincinnati, Ohio

Good Samaritan Hospital Courtesy
Cincinnati, Ohio

Jewish Hospital Associate Attending
Cincinnati, Ohio

Jewish Hospital Kenwood Attending
Cincinnati, Ohio

Mercy Hospital Anderson Courtesy
Cincinnati, Ohio

Mercy Hospital Fairfield Attending
Cincinnati, Ohio

Medical Associations Memberships/Fellowships:

Hamilton County Medical Society 1974-1997

Ohio State Medical Society 1974-1997

Cincinnati Orthopaedic Society 1974-1997

University of Cincinnati Alumni Society 1974-1997

Ohio Orthopaedic Society 1976-1997

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 1979-1997

Mid American Orthopaedic Association 1982-1997

Arthroscopy Association of North America 1984-1997

International Arthroscopy Association 1984-1997

American Academy of Physician Executives 1989-1997

American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians 1990-1997

Butler County Medical Association 1995-1997

(Currently, Retired Emeritus status in these organizations)

Recent Publications:

"Community Health Information Networks: Threat or Opportunity in the Doctor Patient Relationship?" Ida Critelli Schick, PhD, MS, FACHE & Michael J. Rozen, MD. The Physician Executive; November 1996, Volume 22, Issue 11, Pages 17-21.

"Criteria For Assessing the Quality of Health Information on the Internet-Policy Paper"; member of Health Summit Working Group; October 5, 1998

"Driving Towards Guiding Principles: A Goal for Privacy, Confidentiality, Security of Health Information"; Suzy A. Buckovich, JD, MPH, Helga E. Rippen, MD, PhD and Michael J. Rozen, MD; JAMIA; March/April 1999; Volume 6; Issue 2; Page 122

"The Electronic Patient Record, the Consumer, and the Web-The New E-Health Reality"; Philip Marshall MD, MPH, Brad Bowman, MD, Michael J. Rozen, MD;; Oct 1999; Vol. 1 .

Recent Meetings Attended:

Toward An Electronic Medical Record; Orlando; Spring 99

EHealthcare World; Chicago; May 99

Intel Health Day II; New York; 10-12-99

Internet Health Coalition II; New York; 10-13-99

EHealthcare World; New York; 11-3/5-99

TEHRE 99; London 11-14/17-99

Recent Presentations:

"Panel Presentation: Fixing the Broken Links of eHealthcare"; Internet Healthcare Coalition Annual Meeting; New York; 10-13-99

"Ensuring Privacy Security Confidentiality Personal Health Information"; eHealthcare World; New York; 11-4-99

"Overview of Global Privacy of Health Information"; TEHRE 99, London 11-15-99

"Ensuring Privacy, Security & Confidentiality of Personal Consumer Health Information"; TEHRE 99, London 11-17-99

"Personalizing the Online European Healthcare Experience"; TEHRE 99; London; 11-16-99

"Web Based HER and Health Data-The Present & the Future"; TEHRE 99; London; 11-15-99