December 28, 1999

Federal Trade Commission
Room H-159
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580

Subject: Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security-Nomination, P004807

Dear Secretary:

I would like to nominate Mark McEahern to serve as a representative of on the FTC's Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security. Mark is one of the founders of and currently serves as our Chief Privacy Officer, leading company strategy for Internet Privacy issues and initiatives, while managing the team of privacy policy analysts. serves a unique role in today's charged waters of online privacy, conducting independent privacy ratings of the most visited websites and displaying those ratings real-time to users of the enonymous advisor freeware. The ratings currently serve to indicate: whether a site may share a user's personally identifiable information without a user's explicit permission; and whether a site may contact a user without their explicit permission.

Our privacy rating system has received critical acclaim from leading industry analysts. For example, Michelle Slack of Jupiter Communications, wrote: "For consumers who don't want to go through and read a privacy statement, this is really a great thing for them" (A.P., 10/5/1999).

Our current rating system embodies the first two principles of fair information practices-Notice and Consent-and so provides consumers with a relevant abbreviation of a website's privacy practices. We plan to expand our rating criteria to include both the Access and Security principles as well.

In addition to serving as the Chief Privacy Officer for, Mark also plays a key role in our Engineering Department as Web and Database Development Manager. So Mark is versed in both the issues and the technologies relevant to the implementation of fair information practices. I believe the public would be well-served by having Mark participate on this Advisory Committee.


David Taylor
Chief Executive Officer