Please accept the following nomination for the Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security - P004807:
Robert M. Klepak, President
Electronic Financial Services, Inc.
and Founder GrandTheft.Com
His mailing address is:
1233 Jimson Circle, S. E.
Conyers, Georgia 30013
Fax: 770-388-9964

He maintains an Internet site called GrandTheft.Com which can be found at and is a privacy advocate that takes a unique approach to combating Identity Theft. he maintains that once the identity has been compromised, it should be made useless to the thief by red-flagging all transactions and demanding a new firewall of identifiers so that the credit grantors or merchants will be forced to confront the thief, rather than write-off losses. GrandTheft.Com is concerned the sale of Driver's Information by the State DMVs to any purchaser and the sale of sensitive information by the Credit Reporting Industry to the highest bidder. Pending bills in Congress potential expanding banking/insurance and retailing is of great concern as well and the potential of information exchange between various subsidiaries of these bank/insurance/retailing marriages. This exchange of information could potential be devastating to the citizen, without dissemination to other information purchasers.

He has an eclectic background that includes the marketing of products and services used in the online commercial system, such as electronic funds transfer (EFT), EBT, check verification and/or check guarantee services, ATM/DEBIT transactions and check truncations. The companion website is .

He practiced law for a number of years and has a sensitivity for the legislative and enforcement constraints or Online security. He has been involved in foreign trade in the Caribbean, western Europe and post-socialist eastern Europe. This has given him a perspective of conflicting social, economic and legal perspectives that will have to be accounted for when the Global nature of the Internet is to be monitored and or policed.

A balance of criminal law, equipment function, online marketing, International commerce and privacy advocacy would make Mr. Klepak a valuable addition as a Committee member.

Finally, as an aside, Mr. Klepak's wife is an officer for a major bank involved in Internet banking and ATM deployment.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact at the above address, telephone, fax or e-mail address.