My partner, Armin Brecher, has mailed a letter nominating me for the Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security. In lieu of sending a diskette with that letter, I am attaching three documents in Word 97 format:
1. A copy of the nomination letter from Mr. Brecher; <<7MLM01!.DOC>>
2. A copy of my article, "Minding Your Own Business: Privacy Policies in Principle and in Practice", as published in the Journal of Internet Law; and <<716b01!.DOC>>
3. A copy of my article, "Making it Legal: A Checklist for Website Privacy Audits," as published in E-Commerce Law report. <<737p01!.DOC>>

I hope these are useful. As I hope the articles will demonstrate, I have invested a great deal of time and energy in this area and believe I could make a positive contribution to your Committee. The articles should also demonstrate that I do not have a narrow ideological or interest-group axe to grind. The principal message is that because of the number of laws and legal principles involved, the varied business models involved in website design, and the many different ways websites and their affiliated businesses use personal information, there are a surprising number of ways to fumble a website's privacy obligations, unless the site takes a systematic and informed approach to the issue.

Additional biographical information can be found by following the hyperlink at the bottom of this message.

Thank you for considering these materials.

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