January 5, 2000

Federal Trade Commission
Room H-159
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580

Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security - Nomination, P004807

Secretary -

The Interactive Travel Services Association (ITSA) is pleased to nominate Elizabeth A. Inadomi to the Federal Trade Commission Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security. ITSA is one of the largest associations of online companies, and represents the needs of e-commerce-based businesses to government, the press and the public.

ITSA believes Ms. Inadomi's balanced and creative approach to problem solving and professional experience are well suited to the advisory committee's task of determining the appropriate relationship between the challenges of online businesses and the privacy requirements of American consumers. Further, because this relationship will be forged in the dynamic environment of technological advancement, Ms. Inadomi's "big picture" vision and knowledge of evolving digital markets will contribute substantially to the committee's objectives.

Elizabeth Inadomi has a distinguished 15-year record of accomplishment working as a liaison between the high-technology community and government. Currently, she runs the California office of a premiere Washington, DC-based government relations firm where she advises Silicon Valley clients on public policy issues shaping digital products and the future of the Internet. From this experience, she has developed strong ties to key stakeholders across the interest spectrum and has emerged as a well-respected mediator.

For example, in 1997 she was nationally recognized as an effective negotiator by Federal Computer Week (FCW). FCW selected Ms. Inadomi as a recipient of its annual "Federal 100" award, given to acknowledge Ms. Inadomi's outstanding contribution to the development of federal encryption policy. She has served as encryption counsel for several of the nation's leading information technology companies; and, over the course of many years in the field of high-technology policy, she has acquired an extraordinary grasp of the legal, legislative and technical ramifications of a broad range of high technology public policy issues.

In addition to her work in the private sector, Ms. Inadomi served as counsel to the House Science and Senate Commerce Committees where she developed and managed technology-related legislation. In 1992, she was appointed to serve on the Science, Space and Technology cluster of the 1992 Presidential Transition team.

Elizabeth Inadomi has a sound understanding of a very diverse set of perspectives. She has a reputation for addressing complex technological policy questions, and has a demonstrated expertise in online security. We are confident she will be a strong asset as a member of the advisory committee, and that she will appropriately represent the concerns of online travel companies and all e-commerce-related industries.

Thank you for your time and attention.


James Hornthal Founder and Chairman Preview Travel President Interactive Travel Services Association

ATTACHMENT: curriculum vitae, Elizabeth A. Inadomi