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Re: Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security Nomination, P004807

January 4, 2000

Dear Sir or Madam: is pleased to respond to the FTC's call for nominations to its Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security by nominating Mr. Rob Goldman, Executive Vice President of Customer Experience at is a mobile shopping and advertising portal that surfs the Web with consumers, bringing them real-time offers from merchants. Launched to the public in early November 1999, now has more than 350,000 members. Investors in the service include Omnicom Group Inc. and AT&T Ventures.

Dash's privacy policy is based on principles of fair information practice taken from the OECD's guidelines and consistent with the FTC's standards. Access and security are two areas where we have worked hard to meet these standards and where we have unusually deep experience.

Dash is committed to providing full access by members to all information maintained by Dash about them. This includes base information such as individual purchases and visits to merchant sites, and aggregated information, such as total purchases. Most access is provided in real-time on request, although due to the rapid development of our architecture, some response times are sometimes temporarily slower. Dash charges no fee, and does not limit the frequency of access. Dash members may also delete information if they wish. In practice we have found that few of our members participate in access or deletion, but we believe that guaranteeing members control over their information is essential to maintaining the high level of trust our members place in us.

Issues in security that Dash has addressed include authentication of the user and encryption of data. We would be pleased to share our experiences on access and security with the Commission.

As Executive Vice President of Customer Experience, Rob Goldman is the company’s chief liaison to its members. He is well-versed in the technology and content sides of the business, and is well-qualified to speak for on matters relating to subject access and data security.

We would be pleased to make Mr. Goldman available for the meetings at the Commission's offices on the designated dates. He may be contacted at (212) 255-1008 ext. 19, or by e-mailing

Respectfully Submitted,

Dan Kaufman
CEO, Inc.