Date: Wed, Dec 29, 1999 3:44 PM
Subject: Nomination to advisory committee on privacy

Dear Madame or Sir:

Please accept this e-mail as my nomination of the following individual to the advisory committee on Privacy:

Raymond V. Gessel
1048 West James Street Suite 102
Kent, Washington 98032
(253) 856-2745
fax (253) 856-2734

I am a practicing attorney in the State of Washington and have been since 1983. My practice emphasizes business work including intellectual property issues. I currently serve on a committee of the Washington State Bar Association dealing with practical, legal and ethical issues involving the internet, electronic mail, the electronic filing of court documents and other matters relating to the use of computers and the internet as it affects attorneys, citizens and the courts.

If there is additional information needed to consider this nomination, I would be happy to provide that information.

Very truly yours,

Raymond V. Gessel