January 5, 2000
Federal Trade Commission
Room H-159
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580 

Re: Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security - Nomination, P004807

America Online, Inc. ("AOL") would like to nominate Tatiana Gau, Vice President of Integrity Assurance, to be a member of the Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security ("Advisory Committee"). Ms. Gau is an exceptional candidate for the Advisory Committee because she can effectively represent many of the interests relevant to the implementation of fair information practices by commercial Web sites and online services. In addition to her expertise on topics critical to the Advisory Committee's agenda, Ms. Gau represents AOL's unique views on online personalization, and understands the technology behind such practices.

Since the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") first began investigating online privacy and security in 1995, AOL has continually been a participant of the FTC's public workshops addressing such issues, and is a founding member of the Online Privacy Alliance. AOL is dedicated to providing a secure and confidential environment in which AOL member information is safe from illegal access and the AOL community is protected from harassment. Toward this end, AOL is constantly reviewing and updating methods for securing online privacy. In addition, AOL was a pioneer in developing privacy policies, which illustrate AOL's commitment to protect members' personal information.

Tatiana Gau joined AOL in November 1996 and is currently responsible for the development and execution of processes and practices to ensure the integrity of the AOL member experience. A recognized expert on integrity and security issues, Ms. Gau has an extensive background in computer crime and fraud recognition. Ms. Gau speaks six languages and attended Pushkin Institute in Moscow. She has a BS degree from Georgetown University and is a recipient of the Executive International Business Certificate from Georgetown University's Center for International Business and Trade. Ms. Gau's unique experience at AOL further establishes her ability to be an insightful and knowledgeable member of the Advisory Committee. She understands the online marketplace and its information practices as well as managerial and technical implementation standards for personal information security. Most importantly, Ms. Gau is passionate about the impact of these practices on consumers and is determined to increasing online privacy and security. Finally, as a member of the Advisory Committee, Ms. Gau can bring unique knowledge relating to an online business' implementation of any fair information practice in furtherance of protecting consumer privacy and security online.

We appreciate the opportunity to nominate Ms. Gau for the Advisory Committee. Please let me know is there is any additional information I can provide to assist in the selection process.

Jill Lesser
Vice President, Domestic Public Policy