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January 4, 2000

Federal Trade Commission
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Re: Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security Nomination P 004807

Dear Mr. Medine:

This is to nominate Paul G. Foldes, J.D., B.E. (Elec Eng) Founder of e-Catalyst, to serve on the FTC's Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security.

Interests Qualified to Represent:

a) Responsible commercial and non-commercial entities interested in ethically marketing to prospects
b) Consumers

Professional and Experiential Qualifications:

1. Former FTC Consumer Protection Attorney, Div. Of National Advertising. (1973-1978)
Among other groundbreaking initiatives to which I materially contributed during my FTC employment:
co-counsel for the "Fuel Economy Advertising Rule". Rulemaking required consideration and design of the best means of disclosing information to consumers in short TV and Radio ads; typically 30 seconds or less.
Relevance of above experience. The average WWW page visitor spends less than 30 seconds prior to skipping to another page. This experience with required disclosures (30 seconds or less) of essential information; to enable an 'average consumer' to make more informed purchase decisions will benefit the Committee in considering any recommended voluntary, or required disclosures which may be suggested to be displayed on WWW sites.
2. Adjunct Professor, 'Introduction to Internet Survey' course taught to non-tech savvy, 'average consumers' since 1996. Montgomery College, Business, Management, Info-Science Department.
Relevance of above experience. Every semester a new class of 'average adult consumers' provides me with a uniquely up to date, practical view of their state of knowledge of the Internet; including e-privacy issues. My class emphasizes safe and informed use of the Internet, including personal e-safety. URL:
3. Internet Strategy Consultant. Recent clients have included a division of the US Treasury, where I was asked to consult on ease of use, marketing and e-privacy issues.

I am local and available to devote the necessary resources to the task.


Paul G. Foldes, Sr. Consultant