January 4, 2000

Steven C. Casey
Director, Government Affairs
RSA Security Inc.
20 Crosby Drive
Bedford, MA 01730
Phone: 781-301-5131
Fax: 781-301-5140

Mr. Casey is director of government affairs for RSA Security Inc., a leading vendor of computer security solutions. He offers the Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security broad knowledge of the technologies required to access and protect online information.

Mr. Casey is a skilled communications professional, with more than 15 years experience in the high-technology industry. He has been an active participant in encryption-related public policy issues, particularly RSA's leadership in the Americans for Computer Privacy, a broad-based coalition of more than 150 companies, associations and public interest groups that supports policies advancing the rights of American citizens to protect the privacy of their confidential files and communications. He has also been involved in the public policy debate on digital signature legislation and the implications of the Administration's Critical Infrastructure Protection Initiative.

RSA Security's strong authentication products protect information in the majority of the Fortune 100 today, addressing the need for easy, hacker-proof user authentication both inside and outside the corporate network. These products are also used by leading electronic commerce businesses, including securities trading and banking applications, to protect against external attack and fraudulent activity.

The company's encryption-based security technologies are embedded in more than 450 million copies of today's most successful Internet applications, including Web browsers, commerce servers, email systems and virtual private network products. The majority of all secure electronic commerce and communication on the Internet today are conducted using RSA Security technologies. RSA Security 's PKI products enable, manage and simplify the public key authentication and encryption security in today's leading email, Web browser, Web server and VPN applications.

Mr. Casey's appointment to the Advisory Committee on Online Security will ensure representation from the security product industry that will provide the solutions needed to assure privacy and integrity of online communications in the digital age.