January 4, 2000

Federal Trade Commission
Room H-159
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20580

RE: Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security Nomination P004807

Dear Secretary:

This letter is to nominate Ms. Regina Brady to the Federal Trade Commission's Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security.

In the last several years, Ms. Brady has made solid contributions to Fortune 500 companies and trade associations to ensure that data privacy issues are addressed in a manner responsive to the needs of both industry and consumers. Realizing that the best relationship is an informed one, she is strongly committed to incorporating consumer privacy as part of the interactive business model.

A respected expert in online marketing development and technologies, Ms. Brady is vice president of strategy and partnerships at FloNetwork, a leading online marketing company that sends millions of permission-based messages daily. The company stores and deploys databases of the largest email marketers today including CNET, Value America,,, E*Trade of Canada, as well as many smaller, emerging firms.

At FloNetwork, Ms. Brady is the advocate to ensure the policies and practices of data security and information access set a responsible direction for the company. In this position, she has experienced firsthand the challenges that companies face in using data gathered online responsibly, effectively and honestly. FloNetwork has implemented a proactive approach to promoting and preserving consumer privacy on line.

Ms. Brady's marketing acumen is evident in her past positions. At Axiom/Direct Media, she led the company into email marketing services, building to more than 100 clients and significant revenues. She also developed relationships with several high-profile companies including Microsoft, 3Com, CDNow, CNET, Omaha Steaks and Iomega. Ms. Brady also was director of interactive marketing at CompuServe where she pioneered electronic commerce strategies. She established the strategic direction for the online service's Electronic Mall, one of the first interactive venues to promote shopping on the Internet. She also drafted the company's first policy statement on standards for online permission-based marketing.

Through all of her project endeavors, Ms. Brady has sought to blend creative marketing ventures with responsible business practices. A strong believer in responsible marketing, Ms. Brady is a member of the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) Ethics Policy Committee. The Committee, comprised of representatives of leading companies in the industry, reviews and updates marketing practices with the goal of strengthening consumer confidence in data collection and usage. The Committee is highly effective in its ability to react to technological advances, developing media, and changes in methods of doing business in a timely manner.

The Committee crafted the DMA Code of Conduct for Ethical Business Practices that is adhered to by corporate members. Serving in this position, Ms. Brady's background is enriched by giving her vast exposure to current themes, issues, and concerns in the marketing industry as a whole to include traditional and online methods.

Further evidence of her dedication to high standards online, Ms. Brady also serves on the Advisory Board of the Internet Alliance, a trade association devoted to building the confidence and trust necessary for the Internet to become the global mass market medium of the 21st century. With members such as AOL, Microsoft and AT&T, the Advisory Board focuses on issues such as consumer privacy, and unwanted email.

In sum, I believe the Advisory Committee would benefit greatly by the participation of Ms. Brady. Her contributions to individual companies and outside organizations for the last several years reflect her commitment and desire for balanced and fair information practices. Her insight and creative thought will help the Committee make recommendations that will lead us toward a more secure Internet in the interests of the industry and consumers.

If you need any further information about her candidacy, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Eric Goodwin
Chief Executive Officer
FloNetwork, Inc.

391 East Putnam Avenue * Cos Cob, Connecticut 06807