From: "Bates, Richard"
To: HQ.DCMAIL4(advisorycommittee)
Date: Wed, Dec 22, 1999 3:52 PM
Subject: Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security - Nomination, P004807

Federal Trade Commission
Washington, D.C.

The purpose of this electronic transmission is to nominate myself for membership to the FTC's Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security. I am presently, Vice President of Government Relations of The Walt Disney Company and am based in Washington D.C. The Walt Disney Company has a large Internet presence and one that will likely grow exponentially in future years. The Disney Internet Group includes but is not limited to, Go.Com, the Buena Vista Internet Group, Infoseek Corporation, the Starwave Corporation, ABC Multimedia Inc., Disney Direct Marketing Services, and The Walt Disney Catalog, Inc.

The Walt Disney Company has been at the forefront of online privacy and the benefits of self-regulation. We have had the opportunity to participate and work closely with the Commission over the last several years in what has been a mutually beneficial relationship. On-line security and access to information will be essential to the future growth of the Internet. We believe The Walt Disney Company can be a leader and example for other corporations in these areas. Because of the scope and breadth of The Walt Disney Company we bring an across-the-board perspective with respect to corporate interests. Furthermore, the Walt Disney name insures that consumer confidence and security will always be a primary goal. For these and other reasons, I respectively submit my name as a member of the Advisory Board on Online Access and Security.

Please feel free to contact me if further information is required.

Richard Bates
Vice President Govt. Relations
The Walt Disney Company
1150 17th Street
Suite 400
Washington D.C. 20036