I would like to nominate myself Stella J. Adams , Executive Director of the North Carolina Fair Housing Center for participation on this important consumer panel.

As Director of the fair housing center I believe that I can bring a unique perspective to this vital discussion. My agency uses the internet as an investigative tool. But primarily we research businesses and not individuals.

I am also a consumer advocate and very concerned about how much information is available over the internet and how companies are using that information in ways the consumer never envisioned.

Prior to working in fair housing I was the Assistant Records Clerk for the Durham Police Department and had access to NCIC and DMV data on individuals from across the country. We were required to log who accessed that data and for what purpose. If it was not for a legitimate investigative purpose it was prohibited. Now DMV records including SSN are being sold by states to any marketer with a check book. Please find attached a copy of my bio and my resume.

I am committed to attending all of the meetings and I understand that I must provide my own transportation and lodging.

My address is Stella Adams, NC Fair Housing Center, P. O. Box 28958, Raleigh, NC 27611

My Phone number is (919) 856-2166 and my fax is (919) 832-9235