Addressing Privacy on the Internet

Moving from Opt-Out to Opt-In

We are proposing a simple, workable framework for both consumers and businesses that enables permission-based communication, and changes the paradigm from opt-out to opt-in.   PermissionTracker will enable consumers to easily manage what information they give, what information they receive, and what can be done with it across multiple websites, while allowing businesses to easily communicate with their customers.


      Provides a quick, easy, and clear medium for communications between consumers and businesses.

      Establishes a Foundation of Trust by setting standard terms for information exchange. 

      Enables the transition from a consumer opt-out to a consumer opt-in Internet protocol.

      Presents an open source framework (PCIX) that allows for flexibility across different web sites, while allowing consumers to manage their information from one central place.

We have put forth a workable two-phase solution that makes the transition from a consumer Opt-Out to a consumer Opt-In Internet protocol. 

First Phase: Consumers get proactive, and vendors take a privacy pledge to get a button.

PermissionTracker establishes a foundation for the relationship between consumers and businesses based on the responsible use of personal information (RUPI).

  Consumers can use PermissionTracker to add their e-mail address to a list of consumers who request that vendors and advertisers not sell, share or combine information with third parties. Businesses can also use our website to take the PermissionTracker Pledge to honor our consumer’s request. They can then place a PermissionTracker button on their site.

Second Phase: In the PCIX framework consumers will go to one site to keep up with what they want to receive, from whom, and what others can do with their personal information across multiple web sites.

With PCIX (Permission-based Consumer Information Exchange) when a site has a PermissionTracker button, they immediately communicate that they are committed to not sell, share or combine information with third parties. Individuals can then click on the button to simultaneously update or change their information for the site, and for themselves at PermissionTracker.  As they subscribe and opt-in to specials, it will again be noted in both places. Consumers can then edit and manage all their information in one place. They will be able to:

      Manage and edit permission levels granted to individual vendors.

      Track subscriptions and renewals to e-mail notification services, newsletters and magazines.

      Enter and edit their personal profile of interest and priorities.

      Record and update standard instructions for delivering packages to any location.

      Control and monitor the e-mail messages sent to children for parents.

PermissionTracker is helping define the framework for a new business category: a third party acting as a conduit of information between consumers and businesses on the Internet.

The goal of the PCIX open source framework is to make exchanging information on the Internet quick, easy, and clear. The present system is difficult to enforce, treats all consumers the same, and leaves issues open for interpretation. Our framework will make it easier for consumers and businesses to communicate directly, leaving less gray area open for misinterpretation or misuse. The format creates a basic universal level of privacy protection while allowing for flexibility in information collection across websites in an opt-in environment.

Acting as a neutral third party we are outlining the terms of a Social Contract, and giving the consumer a powerful tool with which to enforce their wishes.  It is not a guarantee, but it establishes an environment in which violations will be clear and where consumers can easily take recourse.  It will be easy for sites to adopt this system because it is free, it fits within their normal way of doing business and does not require a huge software installation.  It is a win-win situation.