From: Joann Pochron
Date: Mon, Apr 17, 2000 8:08 AM

Recently I purchased a new computer. I am the sole user of this computer. I have some concerns about tampering and the access that AOL seems to have as my provider. When I am e-mailing in Yahoo and try to access e-mail addresses like this one, and Yahoo information & complaint e-mails or sites, the e-mail I am sending at that time switches from Yahoo to AOL.

Just when can/should a service provider take over an e-mail when it is being sent from a different site?

Today while in AOL I came upon my 3 stock portfolios in AOL - I NEVER put these in AOL, they were only listed in Yahoo.

A couple days ago, I turned on my computer to find my icons rearranged and an icon for software, originally loaded in the computer, but which I don't chose to use, showing up on my screen with the other icons. Does AOL have automatic access to what I input in Yahoo?

This really concerns me.
Thanks for your time.

Joann Pochron

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