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Subject: Re: CST9450764ID - Screen Names

At the risk of sounding rude, your response does not answer ONE question asked in my original email. When Hotmail members send emails, the screen AND actual names of all recipients are listed. WHERE DOES Hotmail GET THE ACTUAL NAMES? ARE Hotmail USERS REQUIRED TO PROVIDE THEM?

Please READ the original e-mail which is AGAIN attached below.

Subj: Screen Names
Date: 3/4/00 1:05:48 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Muffetc123
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Please advise under which privacy policy protocols you:

1. Collect and store the actual names of all persons on the sending and RECEIVING lists on e-mails.
2. Publish on the net the actual AND screen names of all recipients of Hotmail e-mails.
3. Notify users of Hotmail e-mail that their screens names and actual names and the screen and actual names of all of their recipients will be published on the net.
4. Notify recipients that their actual and screen names are published on the net when mail is addressed to them by Hotmail e-mail users.
5. Provide a way for Hotmail members and, more importantly, NON Hotmail e-mail recipients, to block the use of actual and screen name information being published on the net by Hotmail.

Thank You. I look forward to your response