From: Melissa Huebener []
Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2000 4:28 PM
Subject: Internet Fraud case

Dear Gentleperson,

I was recently a victim of stolen mail and internet fraud. I have filed reports with the Postal Service, my personal banking institution and our local police authority.

A neighbor's17 year old kid stole my bank statement and used my personal ID to access the services of nine (9) pornographic sites via the internet by using my personal check as an electronic debit method of payment. In addition, he stole another neighbors Visa statement and did the same thing.

I have taken every precaution to see that this type of situation does not happen to me again. As of today, I have closed numerous credit accounts, consolidated debts, and informed the three credit bureau agencies of this crime. I do not want to give you the impression that as a result of this senseless act that I live in a paranoic state, but I want to protect my right to privacy.

As we hear daily TV reports of this type of crime, it seems to be out of control. My question is, "What can we do as citizens to prevent this type of activity?"

Many thanks,

Melissa Huebener