Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2000 6:56 PM

Subject: Fraud and Abuse by internet service providers.

Office of the Secretary Advisory Committee

Dear Advisory Committee,

I am writing this letter to enlist help from the FTC to get accountability from internet service providers in all categories.

We as customers have no protection when fraud in services occurs or when employee misconduct occurs.

We as customers are vulnerable to employees (Webtv) are engaged in tampering with webtv systems. IE reading,rerouting, keeping or taking email messages and interfering with secure pages for financial information.

I have tried with no success to reach those in authority at Webtv and as yet have gotten NO answer. It would appear as if the system runs by itself with no guidance or safety features.

I have yet to speak with any Supervisor even though I have asked MANY, MANY times. At time the technicians have been rude in their refusal to allow me to speak with anyone in authority.

I feel that every company must have personnel assigned to answer customer problems and also to really tape conversations of customers who REPEATEDLY call with problems that are never addressed or resolved.

There is absolutely no way to contact WEBTV officials outside of its system. I have had others to try and email or write from other cities and still no response.

We are PAYING for services that are not functional or compromised.

Please make rules and regulations that protect the US citizens from US companies. All of our personal information is their for any employee of these services to intercept, steal or manipulate.

I dont know if these areas are in your province but if they are not please forward this to the proper sources.

Thank You,

Bernice Edwards
135 Point St.
Lackawanna, NY 14218