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New Learning Resources at FREE

The Education Department has added 16 resources to FREE, a website that makes hundreds of learning resources from more than 40 federal organizations available - and searchable - in one place. FREE is Federal Resources for Educational Excellence.

Here are titles, descriptions, and sponsoring agencies of the new resources.


  • "The Gallery's American Collection Online" features American paintings from the late 1700s-1900s. It includes works by John Copley, Henry Tanner, John Sargent, James Whistler, Gilbert Stuart, & Romare Beardan. (National Gallery of Art)

  • "Martin Johnson Heade" looks at one of the most innovative artists of the nineteenth century (1819-1904). His paintings focused on landscapes, botanicals, & still lifes. (National Gallery of Art)

  • "Master Painter in the Age of Rembrandt" examines one of the most esteemed Dutch artists of the seventeenth century, Gerrit Dou (1613-1675), also known as Rembrandt's first pupil. Included are many of Dou's best portraits & still lifes, as well as scenes of daily life, including images of mothers with children, painters in their studios, scholars, shopkeepers, schoolmasters, musicians, & astronomers. (National Gallery of Art)

  • "Twentieth-Century American Art: The Ebsworth Collection" explores one of the premier private holdings of American modernist paintings, sculptures, & works on paper. It includes masterpieces by Patrick Henry Bruce, Alexander Calder, Georgia O'Keeffe, Andy Warhol, & others. (National Gallery of Art)

  • "Family Activities" lists National Gallery of Art programs families may attend to learn about styles of art (such as impressionism & baroque architecture) & particular artists (such as Georgia O'Keeffe). A children's film program shows child-produced films from around the world & family guides provide games & art activities for children. (National Gallery of Art)

Health and Safety

  • "Kidz Privacy" helps children, parents, & web site operators understand the provisions of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act & how the new law will affect them. Resources available on the site include "smart surfing" tips for kids & guides for businesses & parents. (Federal Trade Commission)

  • "Take A Stand" is a conflict resolution program that helps teenagers see alternatives to violence. A video & CD-ROM dramatize the results of different reactions to conflict: walking away, fighting, or addressing the problem. Lesson plans, student activity workbooks, & other materials are included. (Department of Justice, Education Department)


  • "EnviroHealth Link" provides a comprehensive program to help middle grade science & health teachers incorporate environmental health science topics into classroom lessons. The site offers the latest news in environment health, lesson plans, & a list of Internet resources. (National Institute of Health)

  • "The Space Place" is a place where kids can learn how to make balloon-powered nano-rovers & pop rockets, discover what it's like to be a space engineer, & conduct experiments to identify the best materials for use in space. The site includes space facts & crossword puzzles, riddles, an Intergalactic Adventures board game that explores a black hole, & other fun activities. (National Air and Space Administration)

Social Studies

  • "America's Library" unlocks stories from America's past. Discover what Abraham Lincoln had in his pockets on the night he was assassinated, jump back into the past to find more about the settlers who landed on Plymouth Rock, or learn how the oud, zurna, & marimba influenced today's modern musical instruments. (Library of Congress)

  • "American Aviation: The Early Years" commemorates the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers' first flight. The site provides a series of articles that focuses on the achievements of famous aviators & explores other contributions made to American aviation between 1784-1919. (National Park Service)

  • "Little House in the Census: Almanzo & Laura Ingalls Wilder" displays records from the 1880 & 1990 census schedules showing that Laura Ingalls, Almanzo Wilder, & families of the popular "Little House on the Prairie" series were not mere characters but were real people. Teaching activities are included to help students learn more about the census. (National Archives and Records Administration)

  • "Teacher & Student Resources at the Immigration and Naturalization Services" provides resources on the history of immigration to the U.S. Find out about famous symbols of immigration to America that include the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island. Learn more about genealogy to help you discover information about your own immigrant background. (Immigration and Naturalization Services)


  • "NY High School Regents Exam Prep Center" can help high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements in mathematics, science, & social studies. The site, developed by a team of Oswego County (NY) teachers, provides practice exams, study strategies, & teacher resources in 6 areas: U.S. history & government, global history, math, earth science, biology, & chemistry. (Education Department)

  • "Professional Development: Learning From the Best" is a step-by-step guide schools & districts may use to design, implement, evaluate, & share professional development aimed to increase teacher effectiveness & student achievement. The toolkit is based on the experiences of winners of the National Awards Program for Model Professional Development. (North Central Regional Education Laboratory, Education Department)

  • "The United States Enters the Korean Conflict" features President Truman's statement, on June 27, 1950, announcing his order to send U.S. air & naval forces to help defend South Korea. Also included are teaching suggestions & links to hundreds of related documents from the Truman Presidential Library. (National Archives and Records Administration)

May 2000


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