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Vol. 2, No. 8, November 22, 1999 

20 Government Sites
That Mean Business

Government web sites make information and services available at the touch of a button, helping Americans keep in touch with their government and making government work better for people.
Scales for Stormy (Space) Weather
If you think bad weather in space doesn't affect you, think again. Solar winds buffeting the earth's magnetosphere generate huge and sometimes very severe geomagnetic storms that can and do cause power outages, radio and satellite malfunctions, and pager and cell phone failures. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has reinvented the communication of methods used to present data on the effects of geomagnetic storms, making them far more accessible to the public and to companies and industries that need the information.
Information Revolution Will Kill 20th Century Dinosaurs
"...the demands of the Information Revolution will kill our 20th century dinosaurs -- those organizations that cannot, or will not, adapt to the new global realities of the next millennium," said Office of Personnel Management Janice LaChance.
Canada's Leadership Network
Canada's Leadership Network site is developed by and targeted to public servants. This upbeat new site must make them, and the people they serve, feel very good about public servants and public service as a worthwhile career. Other countries can learn from the helpful, thoughtful tools and resources for workers. The site has a comprehensive tool kit for managers and staff, government job listings, assistance programs for workers with personal problems, and conflict-resolution guidelines. A weekly feature profiles a government official and an "interactive zone" gives employees a place to talk with each other.

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Sites That Mean Business

Stormy Space Weather

Killing 20th Century Dinosaurs

Canada's Leadership Network

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