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Vol. 3, No. 6, November 6, 2000
ISSN: 1531-4448

When the Weather Outside Is Frightful
Many people may be able to snuggle up in front of a warm fireplace when winter weather hits, but others may have fewer options. Here are links to government resources and information to help you get ready for cold weather.


A World Wide Web of Education Is FREE
The reviews are in and the United States Department of Education has a hit. Now playing nightly (and daily) in a classroom, homeroom, living room near you...wherever there is a computer connected to the Internet. And it's FREE.

Ten Top Dot Cons
Con artists have keep busy for years on the phone and in the mail, and now they are peddling their scams on the Internet. Here are the ten top complaints fromt consumers, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Criminal Justice Statistics
If you are researching statistics about crime, victims, law enforcement, courts, and corrections, you've come to the right webpage.

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