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Vol. 1, No. 37, July 5, 1999

Lawyers Like This Site Best
The Government Printing Office's website, GPO Access, was chosen "Best Overall Government" by, according to the April 1999 issue of "Chicago Lawyer." Lawyers also selected GPO Access as "Best of the Web" in the "Legal Research, Laws" category.

Save Hundreds of Dollars Every Year on Your Home Energy Bill
What homeowner doesn't want to save money on energy costs? But how? Easy--go to the Department of Energy's Home Energy Saver website, type in your zip code, then answer some questions. What kind of heating system? What kind of appliances do you use? How many occupants? The Web-based software will make recommendations and tell you how much money you can save. This may be a one-stop site, but it isn't a one-time stop. As you put in energy-efficient windows, beef up your insulation, and throw out your brother-in-law (just kidding), the site will keep track of all the money you're saving.

An Investor's Friend
Learn how to invest in the stock market on the Security and Exchange Commission's Investor Education and Assistance page. You'll also find a calculator to compare mutual fund fees. And you're only a couple of clicks from SEC's EDGAR database with corporate facts and figures--more than a billion documents in all.

Customs Chemist's Test Roots Out Illegal Imports
Using kitchen chemistry, sophisticated analytic machinery and off-the-shelf computer software, the U.S. Customs Service can determine the source country of virtually any agricultural product on Earth. Here's the story in the Washington Post.

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Home Energy Saver

Investor's Friend

Stopping Illegal Imports

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