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USIA Website Wins Praise as Business Site

The U.S. Information Agency's domestic home page was recently praised by the editors of the Dow Jones Business Directory, a guide to high-quality business websites. The USIA site was chosen from among thousands of other business sites in many categories for its exceptional value to readers, especially business professionals. Dow Jones' Web Center also contains the site review, where the Center's subscribers read it..

"USIA's website," according to the Dow editors, "offers a surprisingly large amount of valuable data about the agency÷and perhaps most important of all, its interpretation of foreign press reports." The editors also praised the site for offering an "accurate series of interpretive reports showing what international print and broadcast media think about American foreign policy announcements and actions."

The domestic homepage, maintained by the Office of Public Liaison, is a road map to the agency's programs, offices and bureaus. The Daily Digest is produced b USIA's Office of Research. In addition, USIA's Bureau of Information's international homepage was honored for its coverage of the crisis in Kosovo.

Dow Jones

About the Story

The above story appeared in the April 1999 issue of State Magazine. The magazine can be viewed online at
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