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If You Want Mail, Youíve Got Mail from the Energy Information Administration

By Angela Brown

April 2, 1999--The Energy Information Administration today announced a notification service called This Week At EIA. Distributed as an e-mail message every Friday afternoon, This Week At EIA is a list providing Internet addresses and summaries for every EIA data and analysis product released during the week.

You can sign up for this service online at the EIA E-mail Notification System.

The System has 42 separate e-mail lists divided into six categories. This Week At EIA is in the "Press Release and Other" category. You may also want to sign up for some of the other 41 lists to get instant notice of specific EIA products. These lists contain updates on such topics as gas and crude oil and detailed analyses on major energy issues for approximately 70 individual countries and international energy markets.

EIA Responded to Customer Needs

About 50,000 people a week use the data and analyses on the World Wide Web site of the Energy Information Administration. Some of the agencyís website users said it is important for them to know whether they are using the latest information. Because they need to be informed of updates and new postings, EIA developed the e-mail service that will make it easier to keep track of new information posted to the site.

For More Information

If you have any questions about this service or any EIA product, please contact EIA's National Energy Information Center at or 202-586-8800.

About the Author

Angela Brown, a member of the Federal Communicators Network, works for the Energy Information Administration in Washington, DC. You may reach her at (202) 586-1103 or

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