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Matching Alaska Jobs and Job Hunters Online

May 24, 1999

What People Are Saying About WorkPlace Alaska

"I consider WorkPlace Alaska to be the best thing that has happened to Alaska. Not only is the system easier to use -- for both applicants and hiring managers -- it also provides hiring managers with people who are truly interested in the position they are applying for. I think this is really great and have really enjoyed working with WorkPlace Alaska - from both sides!"

Vikki Parson
Research Analyst II
Department of Education

"What's really great about WorkPlace Alaska is that the process has become more efficient because I have access to everything I need with a click of a button. Something else I appreciate is that I am able to walk hiring managers through the entire process while we are viewing the same information at the same time. This gives me a better connection with the hiring managers because we work as a team to hire the best individual for their vacancy."

Aimee Olejasz
Personnel Assistant
Department of Transportation

"Workplace Alaska is perhaps the most practical program implemented by the State in recent years. Now, people actively seeking employment with a State Agency can easily peruse the on-line list of job openings, find out if they qualify and apply for the position. All of this can be accomplished in a short period of time and often from their own homes! This program is head-and-shoulders above the old register system in every aspect."

James Harvey
Employment Security Specialist
Department of Labor

"EXCELLENT - Workplace Alaska has developed, refined and simplified an amazing web-based employment application and job posting solution."

Dominick Guida, Recruiter
Ohio Department of Administrative Services
Centralized Recruitment Office

Workplace Alaska is a complete on-line recruitment, application, and hiring process for classified service positions in state government, according to Heather K. Kinzie, Employee Resources Consultant for the State.

The online system allows hiring managers to request recruitment for positions on an agency intranet. Next, it uses the Internet as the primary means of advertising for jobs. Then, job hunters can apply online, including getting certified for the position. Workplace Alaska then provides the data needed to report all recruitment, position, and hiring information.

"Recently I encountered Workplace Alaska online while conducting web site research of all 50 states, specifically focusing on employment application and job posting web pages," said Dominick Guida, a recruiter for the Ohio Department of Administrative Services. "I was very impressed with the level of thoroughness, simplicity and detail provided to the online applicant. It maximized the use of data and time." Full Statement.

Hereís how WorkPlace Alaska works:

  • The hiring manager completes a job request on the agency intranet with position information, advertising needs, and both minimum and desirable qualification questions.
  • The Human Resource office approves the form and posts it to the Internet.
  • Job hunters access Workplace Alaska to view vacancies. When a job hunter finds a suitable vacancy, he or she completes and submits the two forms that make up the application.

The two online forms are:

  • Applicant Profile, which consists of brief, relevant information about an applicant's education and employment history.
  • Job Qualification Summary, which the job hunter completes for each vacancy. This consists of responses to minimum and desirable qualification questions, general employment questions, and a cover letter.

When the applicant submits the application package electronically, it is available immediately for review by the hiring manager. An on-line sorting capability allows the hiring manager to view candidates based on their job specific qualifications. After completing a legal interviewing process, the hiring manager goes to Workplace Alaska to complete the applicant certification area. This is then approved online by the Human Resource office. Once a job offer is made and accepted, WorkplaceAlaska creates a data file online, which is used by the hiring manager to notify applicants that are not selected. The online software can prepare reports on a variety of recruitment data instantaneously. Additionally, it uses a systematic archival process to move completed recruitment information into a separate database. "This clears the active database of unnecessary information, Kinzie explained.

"We are very proud of Workplace Alaska and what it's done to help streamline our recruitment process," she continued. "I would love to share information about it with anyone who will listen!"

For More Information

Contact Heather Kinzie, Employee Resources Consultant, State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel, PO Box 110201, Juneau, Alaska 99811-0201. Voice: 907-465-4076; Fax 907-465-2576; E-mail: